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Toxicity Screening

  The development of green new chemicals requires early toxicity identification to prevent risks. Existing chemical assessment requires rapid toxicity prediction to reduce the use of animals, use new technologies to improve the accuracy of assessment, and overcome the long period of traditional methods and the uncertainty of extrapolation. Based on the computer-aided screening, in vitro cell screening and in vivo animal screening experimental systems, the institute establishes hierarchical screening strategies to predict and screen the physical and chemical properties, ADME properties, toxicology and environmental effects of compounds and small biological molecules. Through the prediction of hazard endpoints such as CMR\EDC\PBT, it is possible to quickly grade the toxicity of substances. Combined with calculation model exposure risk assessment, it serves to establish high-risk priority management substances.

Risk assessment and registration consultation

The company is committed to providing policy consultation, registration and testing, risk assessment and file preparation services for new chemical production/import enterprises and overseas enterprises exporting to China.

Physicochemical Properties

This laboratory can supply physical-chemical test service for domestic and foreign customers in their pesticide and chemicals registration. The registration countries and regions involved are European Union, United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Peru, Uruguay, Chile, Colombia and other countries. At present, the laboratory can do 56 kinds of physical-chemical tests, which can meet the requirements of international and domestic chemicals and pesticide product registration. This laboratory is one of the few testing institutions in China that can do both explosive properties (shock, friction and kenan) and saturated vapor pressure (Isothermal Thermogravimetry) .

Effects on Biotic Systems

The laboratory has well-equipped facilities, complete instruments and comprehensive personnel capacity. A complete set of tests for the declaration of new chemicals to the Ministry of Environmental Protection from the first to the fourth levels can be carried out in this laboratory. And tests compliance with OECD GLP can be carried out according to the OECD test guidelines to provide customers with environmental safety test data for domestic and foreign registration. In addition to common environmental safety tests, services also includes high-tier tests such as pesticide aquatic ecosystem (mesocosm) test, species sensitivity distributions test, field dissipation, field monitoring tests, occupational exposure assessment. The department also undertakes environmental risk assessment business. The GLP ecological test and environmental risk assessment of ballast water can also be carried out. At the mean while, service of rapid toxicity screening test for compounds can also be provided.