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Virus Inactivation

Testing standard: 1. "Technical Specifications for Disinfection" 2002 Edition. 2. GB 21551.3-2010 Antibacterial, sterilizing and purifying functions of household and similar electrical appliances - special requirements for air purifiers. 3.T/SAEPI 005—2020 Air purifiers and similar functional products to test the virus removal performance. 4. GB 17988-2008 Safety and hygiene requirements for tableware disinfection cabinets. 5.GB 28234-2011 Safety and Hygienic Standards for Acid Oxidation Potential Water Generators....


OECD Ecotoxicology

Ecotoxicity refers to the ability of exogenous chemicals to damage non human organisms in the ecosystem after entering the system. 1. Environmental behavior testing. 2. Avian toxicity test. 3. Freshwater aquatic environment/ecotoxicological testing. 4. Terrestrial environmental/ecotoxicological testing. 5. Marine environment/ec toxicological testing. 6. Microbial value-added test. 7. Biological toxicity. 8. Acute toxicity of wastewater.



The medical device testing items we provide are: 1. EMC electromagnetic compatibility for medical devices. 2. ISO10993 biocompatibility full project (GB16886 biological evaluation). 3. Physical and chemical performance test. 4. Bacterial endotoxin test. 5. Packaging verification. 6. Cleaning and disinfection verification. 7. Wireless coexistence test. 8. ROHS testing and certification. 9. CFDA (N.MPA domestic registration) CE European registration, FDA US registration, INMETRO Brazil registration, etc.



Feifan Testing can provide a variety of certification services, including Finnish M1 certification, German GEV certification, CertiPUR-US certification, French A+ VOC certification, etc

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Feifan Testing is affiliated to a third-party testing/certification agency under Feifan Group. Feifan Testing has conducted in-depth cooperation with multiple scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Tongji University, Suzhou University, SGS, TUV, and many well-known domestic testing companies to jointly serve the domestic manufacturing industry, escort the development of overseas markets for China's manufacturing industry, and set a benchmark for the health and safety of our daily lives.